"No matter where I go, I'm repeatedly drawn back to the familiar beauty of West Wales"

Felicity Souter is an abstract landscape artist living and working in Bristol, UK.

Through her practice she works to evoke the dual sensation of calmness and energy she feels in nature, particularly in the Welsh countryside. A reoccurring motif can be found in many of her paintings, depicting a short length of coastline in Ceredigion which holds profound sentimental value.

This deep connection to the land is mirrored by her attention to the sky, which holds equal importance in her compositions, creating a sense of space and power. The sound of the wind, the smell of the sea, and the crunch of the rocks underfoot are captured in the layers of paint. Combining a variety of mediums and techniques her painterly marks mimic the unpredictability of the landscape.

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After studying Fine Art at Newcastle University, Felicity worked in fine art sales and auctions before writing her debut book Painting the Plate: 52 Recipes inspired by great works of art from Mark Rothko, Frida Kahlo and many more, published by Prestel Publishing in October 2023. She is now a full-time artist, passionate about creating work that connects people to nature.

Fine Art BA Hons | Newcastle University